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  • Associate Professor
  • Mathematical Physics of Emergent Systems

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September 2010 Doctor of Engineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)
October 2010 Research fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
April 2011 Assistant Professor, College of Science, Ibaraki University
April 2014 Associate Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
October 2015 Associate Professor, RCAST, UTokyo
April 2023 Associate Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo

Research Interests

Large stations in cities and concerts by famous musicians are always crowded. Moreover, long queues are formed at popular restaurants and attractions in amusement parks. Such congestion and queue do not only give people a lot of stress, but also delay transportation systems and evacuations in emergency situations. Therefore, we develop simple mathematical models that includes essence of crowd dynamics and study how to shorten the evacuation time and waiting time in queueing systems by simulation and theoretical analysis. We also perform experiments by real people in order to verify the effectiveness of the solutions derived from our theory.


Pedestrian and crowd dynamics, Mathematical model, Cellular automaton, Queueing model, Jamology

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