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Information Devices Yamashita-Set Laboratory

Cutting Edge Laser Technology and Photonic Devices for Communications, Precision Measurements, Bio-Medical and Industrial Applications

Advanced Lasers and Photonics Devices using Nanocarbon

Nanocarbons, such as Carbon nanotubes (CNT) and graphene, have very useful electrical and photonic properties. We are pursuing researches on lasers and devices using these nanocarbon materials, and applications to optical sensings. Especially, we pay much attention on the ultrafast saturable absorption property of such nanocarbon materials, and realized a very short pulse fiber lasers that emit lights at the duration as short as 0.1ps. We are also working on nanocarbon-based highly functional devices.

Fast Color-swept Lasers for Sensing and Medical Applications

We are working on the fiber lasers using Rare-earth (e.g. Er or Tm) doped fibers or semiconductors for sensing applications. We currently emphasize on the fast and wide wavelength swept fiber lasers that can sweep its color (wavelength) in wide sweep range (>100nm) at very fast sweep speed (Repetition rate > a few 100kHz). We are also trying to apply the lasers to the optical coherence tomography (OCT). At the same time, we study on fiber lasers at mid-IR wavelength regions (2-5μm) that have been difficult using optical fibers, and application to optical sensing.

Pioneering 3D imaging platform

3D services e.g. 3D modeling, acquisition of spatial information for computer integrated manufacturing systems will revolutionize factories. High-precision 3D laser scanners play a significant role in introducing such wide variety of 3D services to “Industry 4.0”. Our goal is to create sophisticated and pioneering 3D measurement technologies by full exploitation of polarization and phase of lightwave, which have been overlooked in measurement fields.

World-Smallest CNT-based Femtosecond Fiber Laser
World-Smallest CNT-based Femtosecond Fiber Laser
Swept-Source OCT system and High-speed Acquisition Images
Swept-Source OCT system and High-speed Acquisition Images
3D Laser Scanner system and Acquisition 3D Image
3D Laser Scanner system and Acquisition 3D Image


  • Shinji YAMASHITA
  • Specialized field:Fiber Photonics, Nonlinear Optics, Nano-Carbon, Materials, Bio-Photonics
  • Sze Yun SET
  • Specialized field:Laser Systems, Ultrafast Optoelectronics, 3D LIDAR, Integrated Photonics
Research Associate Lei JIN
Project Researcher Yohei SUGIURA
Project Researcher Chao ZHANG
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