2. Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

This policy outlines how the official social media accounts (hereinafter "accounts") managed by the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of the National University Corporation, the University of Tokyo (hereinafter "RCAST") are used and how they communicate information.

Purpose of Social Media Use

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are used to communicate information related to RCAST, including its initiatives, events, education, research, and campus scenery, with the purpose of enhancing the general public's understanding of and interest in RCAST.


The RCAST Public Relations and Information Office (hereinafter the "Public Relations and Information Office") currently manages the following social media accounts (as of August 1, 2019):

Social Media Platform Facebook
Language Japanese
Account Name

東大先端研 UTokyo Rcastnew open window

User Name @UTokyo.Rcast
Social Media Platform Facebook
Language English
Account Name

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, UTokyonew open window

User Name @UTokyo.Rcast.en
Social Media Platform Twitter
Language Japanese
Account Name

東京大学先端科学技術研究センターnew open window

User Name @Utokyo_Rcast
Social Media Platform Twitter
Language English
Account Name

UTokyo_Rcast_ennew open window

User Name @UTokyo_Rcast_en
Social Media Platform YouTube
Language Japanese / English
Account Name

RCAST Channelnew open window

Management Policy

1.Content of posts
RCAST-related information is posted to the accounts, taking the utmost care not to infringe upon the privacy, reputations, likenesses, copyrights, trademarks, or other rights of others and to comply with relevant laws, etc.

2.Replies and comments
The accounts are used only to communicate information.
Replies and comments generally are not given in response to posts and messages received from users through the accounts. If you have a question or comment about posted content, please use the inquiry form below. Also, comments and posts deemed inappropriate for the reasons below might be hidden or deleted without consent from the user commenting.

  • Content that violates or has a risk of violating laws, regulations, etc.
  • Content that slanders specific individuals, groups, etc.
  • Content posted for the purpose of political or religious activities
  • Content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of our organization or third parties, including their copyrights, trademarks, or likenesses
  • Content posted for the purpose of advertising, publicity, solicitation, sales, or other profit-making activities
  • Content that discriminates on the basis of race, ideology, creed, etc., promotes such discrimination, or violates public order or good morals
  • Content that is false or factually incorrect or that is nothing more than unfounded rumors or promotes such rumors
  • Content that infringes on privacy, including the identification, disclosure, or leakage of personal information without the person's consent
  • Content involving the impersonation of other users, third parties, etc.
  • Malware, etc.
  • Content that contains obscene expressions or other inappropriate information
  • Content that has modified in whole or in part of the content communicated by RCAST
  • Content that has nothing to do with content communicated by RCAST
  • Other information deemed inappropriate by RCAST or links, etc. containing such content

3.Shares, retweets, likes, and follows
The Public Relations and Information Office may share, retweet, like or follow other accounts or content when deemed appropriate. Any actions taken with respect to specific accounts are not intended to express RCAST's support for those accounts.

Intellectual Property Rights

Photographs, illustrations, audio, video, articles, and other intellectual property posted to the accounts belong to the National University Corporation, the University of Tokyo (hereinafter the "University of Tokyo") and are managed by RCAST, one of its departments. In addition, copyrights and other rights associated with comments, etc. posted to the accounts belong to the users who post them. However, by posting, these users grant the University of Tokyo and RCAST the royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use their posted content (including by editing, reproducing or translating it), and agree not to exercise copyrights or other rights on the University.

Regarding the content of the accounts, with the exception of private use, citation, and other actions approved by the Copyright Act, the content may not be reprinted, etc. without the consent of RCAST. When citing or otherwise referring to sources, the sources must be appropriately and clearly identified.


While RCAST makes thorough efforts to communicate accurate information from the accounts, it bears no responsibility for any actions taken by users based on this information.

RCAST also bears no responsibility for any trouble or conflict between users or users and third parties resulting from comments posted by users to these accounts or regarding these accounts in general. RCAST is not responsible for damages suffered by users as a result of interacting with, or being unable to interact with, its social media accounts.


Official RCAST announcements will be made via the RCAST website and press releases. If there is any problem regarding the use of the accounts for any reason, usage might be stopped, communicated content might be changed or deleted, or the accounts themselves might be deleted without notice.
This policy is subject to change without notice.

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