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Social Cooperation

Towards becoming a research institute open to society

The mission of RCAST is to explore new areas of advanced science and technology. We keep in mind that part of our mission is to release information and share the achievements with people and society.

DO-IT Japan

  • Do-It Japan
  • The program supports students with disabilities at elementary through University. With the theme "Taking advantage of technology", we are carrying out activities to foster human resources to be the leader of the future of society. We aim to realize a thoughtful social environment while continually working on delivering technology, service and know-how to disabled people and the schools or institutes surrounding them.

    * DO-IT: Diversity, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology

Hirameki☆Tokimeki Science

  • Hirameki Tokimeki Science
  • This event is being held as part of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Program in order to present the research achievements of the KAKENHI (Science Research Funds) in a way that can be easily understood by elementary and junior high school students. The program is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the importance of science and technology by seeing, hearing and interacting with the achievements of the cutting-edge researchers.

Komaba Research CampusOpen House

  • Open House
  • RCAST and the Institute of Industrial Science hold an open house once a year. RCAST opens the research institute to share our research activities with experts and the general public. There are lab tours, research lectures, and science classes for elementary and junior high school students. Neighborhood residents as well as researchers from companies or other research institutions visit the open house.

RCAST Research Tours

  • RCAST Research Tours
  • RCAST holds "RCAST Research Tours" periodically to encourage interest in science and research among middle and high school students and help foster future scientists. In addition to tours of laboratories and lectures, we provides these students with a chance to "hang out" with current the University of Tokyo students.

Other Outreach Activities

  • Other Outreach Activities
  • To promote and feedback the research activity to the public, RCAST researchers have been carrying out various outreach activities at educational institutions and facilities in Japan.

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