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Comprehensive Partnership Agreement Signed with Wakayama Prefecture


The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) has signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Wakayama Prefecture with the aims of supporting the creation of industrial innovation, building sustainable communities, and education and human development. Its signing ceremony was held in the Wakayama Prefectural Government Building on Friday, May 15, 2019. At the ceremony, Wakayama Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka and RCAST Director Ryohei Kanzaki each signed the agreement.
In his speech following the signing, Governor Nisaka expressed his hopes for the collaboration, saying, "RCAST is a unique, highly interdisciplinary research institute. We have great expectations for RCAST's fusion of science and the humanities. The previous director of RCAST, Dr. Yukio Nishimura, provided us with valuable direction and guidance when we formulated our prefecture's environment ordinance." Director Ryohei Kanzaki said, "Through RCAST's research fusing science and the humanities, we hope to assist Wakayama Prefecture in meetings its SGDs and creating an inclusive society."


Signing ceremony

Signing ceremony


Photo 2

Wakayama Governor, Yoshinobu Nisaka (left), RCAST Director, Ryohei Kanzaki (right)

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