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RCAST Report

The Rt Hon. The Lord Lansley has visited RCAST


Lord Lansley of Orwell, member of the British House of Lords in the UK Parliament, has visited RCAST on February 18th to explore the possibilities of cooperative research between universities in the UK and the University of Tokyo.
Following a briefing by Vice Director Ryohei Kanzaki, Lord Lansley visited two laboratories highlighting our unique research fields, Barrier-Free and Chemical Biomedicine. At the Assistive Technology Lab (Barrier-Free), Professor Kenryu Nakamura and several lab members presented their research which aims to break new social barriers. When they demonstrated a human shaped talking robot phone "RoBoHoN", Lord Lansley watched it with great interest. In the Genome Science Lab (Chemical Biomedicine), Lord Lansley and Professor Hiroyuki Aburatani had an enthusiastic discussion on cutting-edge medical science, sharing many thoughts and a common interest on the subject.

図1  図2
Lord Lansley and Vice Director Ryohei Kanzaki (left), at the Assistive Technology Lab (right)

Lord Lansley and Professor Hiroyuki Aburatani

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