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RCAST Report

IHEST from France visited Komaba Research Campus on 4th April, 2017


On 4th April, 2017, 46 members of IHEST (Institut des hautes etudes pour la science et la technologie) visited Komaba Research Campus as a part of a training on one of the case studies on science and technology and policy at the international level. Firstly, at the Eneos Hall, RCAST, two talks, "Presentation of the University, internationalization" by Prof. M. Haneda (Executive Vice-president of the University of Tokyo) and "Transfer of technology and research results" by President T. Yamamoto (Todai TLO), were given. After the talks, they visited the laboratories of NextPV (Okada lab and Segawa lab) at RCAST and LIMMS at IIS. This visit was very short time, but most of them looked satisfied.

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Japanese-French Laboratory for Next generation Photovoltaic Cells visit

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