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Takuya Nirasawa won the Syntech Electrophysiology Award


Takuya Nirasawa, a 2nd-year doctoral student in the Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, won the Syntech Electrophysiology Award.

The Syntech Electrophysiology Award is awarded at the ISCE conference to an oral or poster presentation by a student or early-career postdoc.

About research
Presentation title: Morphology and physiology of antennal lobe projection neurons in the hawkmoth, Agrius convolvuli

Male moths are attracted to conspecific females by the sex pheromone. In some cases, however, the attraction to the females is inhibited by the existence of sex pheromone released by heterospecific females. Although it is thought that this phenomenon is important to reproductive isolation and speciation, the neural mechanisms underlying the sex pheromone recognition and discrimination have been unclear.

In this study, we revealed the difference of neural pathways between conspecific and heterospecific sex pheromone in the hawk moth, Agrius convolvuli, using electrophysiological technique.

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