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UTokyo-Research Alliance for Information and Life Sciences

Many major fields in life science research today involve the understanding and reconstruction of heterogeneous cellular and molecule dynamics in multicellular organisms. In order to create synergy through the coupling of bold ideas from young researchers and technologies from a variety of fields, including biology, medicine, chemistry, engineering and computer science, the University of Tokyo has launched a new alliance for life science research, beginning in 2018, at RCAST. The alliance recently hired visionary young researchers and is constructing an open laboratory where people can gather, discuss, and share advanced equipment and work space.

UTokyo-Research Alliance for Information and Life Sciences (UTokyo-RAILS)

Core Laboratories


link of outside Synthetic Biology - Yachie Lab.
link of inside Associate Professor Nozomu YACHIE



Networked Biophotonics and Microfluidics - Ota Lab.
 Associate Professor Sadao OTA



link of outside Integrative Nutriomics and Oncology - Osawa Lab.
 Project Associate Professor Tsuyoshi OSAWA



Biological Data Science - Ueda Lab.
 Lecturer Hiroki UEDA


Associate Laboratories

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