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Featured Researcher

Last modified: October 23, 2008

Featured Researcher 013

Paving a New Road as both a Researcher and the Director of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology

Professor MIYANO, Kenjiro   Data file PDF(189KB)

Featured Researcher 012

Looking beyond publishing to developing advanced photoelectronic devices with commercial applications

Professor NAKANO, Yoshiaki   Data file PDF(227KB)

Featured Researcher 011

Pursuing History Using Contemporary Sources, Gazing on the Present and Future of Science

Professor HASHIMOTO, Takehiko   Data file PDF(231KB)

Featured Researcher 010

With a Focus on Nurturing Talent and Increasing Flexibility, RCAST Takes the Next Step

Professor HASHIMOTO, Kazuhito   Data file PDF(171KB)

Featured Researcher 009

Knowledge interaction design begins with "what the person who will use it wants to do"

Professor NAKAKOJI, Kumiyo   Data file PDF(166KB)

Featured Researcher 008

Intervention in biological phenomena: Applying results to create and adapt a model, or identify systems

Professor KODAMA, Tatsuhiko   Data file PDF(197KB)

Featured Researcher 007

Robotization and Artificial Intelligence Toward Realization of a Space Environment Preservation System

Professor MACHIDA, Kazuo   Data file PDF(307KB)

Featured Researcher 006

Quantitative Analysis of Japan's Industrial Competitiveness:Innovation Policy Implications for Reforming Japan's Innovation System

Associate Professor MOTOHASHI, Kazuyuki   Data file PDF(316KB)

Featured Researcher 005

Welfare Engineering at the Core Searching for New Potentials in Science and Industry

Professor IFUKUBE, Tohru   Data file PDF(352KB)

Featured Researcher 004

"Safety-security study" and "oral history" with their significance expanding through the cultivation of human resources

Professor MIKURIYA, Takashi   Data file PDF(378KB)

Featured Researcher 003

KiSs: An Information Visualization System That Makes Thinking Fun

Associate Professor AKAISHI, Mina   Data file PDF(292KB)

Featured Researcher 002

The domain of "expanded virtual reality" extends from space to time

Professor HIROSE, Michitaka   Data file PDF(281KB)

Featured Researcher 001

Ribozyme, quorum sensing... Opening the way from heresy to a leading edge through friendly competition

Professor SUGA, Hiroaki   Data file PDF(268KB)

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