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Open Laboratory Project

This project was promoted under the Special Coordination Fund for Science and Technology, Strategic Research Center "Open Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Humans and Society" Plan (August, 2001- March, 2006).

The Open Laboratory Project is an attempt to transform RCAST's former division-based organization into a new system with which to to promote further its four principles: mobility, interdisciplinarity, internationality, and openness. RCAST will change its organization principally based on the Open Laboratory to enhance its interaction with society. We will invite creative researchers from all over the world for a limited term, so that they will be engaged in such cutting-edge research subjects as environmental problems, social impact of information technology, barrier-free, and knowledge management.

1.Research for Constructing Safe and Comfortable Life Spaces

HyphenNano Photonic and Electronic Device Project
HyphenPhotonic Networking Devices Project
HyphenDependable System and Network
HyphenAdvanced City Planning Research
HyphenResearch on Strategies in Controlling Photochemical Oxidants in Mega Cities
HyphenAsia-Eco Design Strategy
HyphenInvestigation of Japan-Europe Chemical Nano-Technology
HyphenSolid-state Recycle Processing of Magnesium and Glass without Environmental Burden.

2.Research for Vital Economic and Social Systems

HyphenResearch Unit of the Intellectual Property in the Next Generation
HyphenKnowledge Creation and Communication Cycle (KCCC)
HyphenResearch on University-driven Industrial Creation in Japan: a View from National Innovation System
HyphenProject on the Economic Innovation: Its Sources and Prospects
HyphenResearch on Advanced Technological Research Strategy

3.Research for Human Understanding to Expand Bodily and Sensory Functions

HyphenSystems Biology and Medicine
HyphenResearch on the Creation of Human-Centered and Information-Based Barrier-Free Space
HyphenResearch on Sensory Info-Communication Technology
HyphenDevelopments of Novel Materials from Nucleic Acids
HyphenEnlargement and Control of the Functions of the Living Body by Using Artificial Tissues and Organs
HyphenMeta-Materials and its Application to Hard Tissues

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