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Information Somatics Inami Laboratory

Understanding and designing the body schema based on human factors and physiology

In the Information Somatics Lab, our work is built upon a foundation of psychology, cognitive science, and physics to understand the mechanisms of the human body from a systems perspective and to use the insighte we gain to augment its innate sensory, physical, and intellectual capabilities.

JIZAI Technology

To enable free (jizai) control of their bodies, including any augmentations, both the user and system require awareness of the world and each other. We integrate biological (e.g., gaze, EMG) and environmental (e.g., vision, acoustic) sensing, intention interpretation and action prediction (e.g., using machine learning), and actuation (e.g., EMS, mechanisms) to achieve human augmentation.

Human Augmentation Engineering

Employing VR, XR, robotic, wearable, and telexistence technologies, we augment human abilities to achieve novel forms of embodiment (e.g., superhuman, disembodied, transformed, cloned, fused) to address social issues such as hyperaging.

Experience Transferral

We aim to provide experiential "supplements" which improve the quality of everyday life. These supplements are formed and administered by systems capable of recording, replaying, and transferring first-person audio-visual-haptic bodily and spatial experiences. We are working towards applying our work in the areas of entertainment computing, superhuman sports, and skill transferral.

Experience Design

Building on a foundation of psychology and physiology, we design methods that make use of information technologies to enable the composition of arbitrary perceptual and emotional experiences by transforming a user's self perception as well as their perception of others.

MetaLimbs: Multiple Arms Interaction Metamorphism
MetaLimbs: a Jizai Technology for Acquiring a Body Schema
GBER: Matching Platform for Enhancing Social Participation of the Elderly
Fenestra: a Design Case Study of Domestic Memorialization and Remembrance


  • Masahiko INAMI
  • Specialized field:Augmented human, Virtual reality, Entertainment computing
  • Atsushi HIYAMA
  • Specialized field:Mixed reality, Human-computer interaction, Gerontechnology
Project Lecturer Daisuke URIU
Project Lecturer Shigeo YOSHIDA

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