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Information Somatics nami-Hiyama-Uriu Laboratory

Understanding and designing the body schema based on human factors and physiology

Researches on “Information Somatics” is about supporting and augmenting innate functions of human such as sensory, motility, and intelligent processing. We investigate the mechanism of human body based on physiological, cognitive, and physical knowledge. We propose “JIZAI” technology that enables humans to manipulate their bodies freely with “Human-Computer Integrated” systems enhancing human I/O and using alternative instruments or systems as if controlling their own bodies.

JIZAI Technology

“Human-Computer Integrated” systems need to recognize humans’ intentions and give proper feedback to their bodies. We enhance human I/O by integrating sensing technologies; perception and prediction technologies (e.g., the machine learning); multi modal actuation technologies.

New Body Schema and Social Implementation

Our researches enhance human abilities by applying VR, AR, wearable tools, robots, telexistence, etc. We investigate how humans acquire new body schema such as getting an extra body, living without physical body, transforming body-shapes, shadowing, assembling, etc. We will implement practical applications of our researches to the job assistance in the hyperaged society, the superhuman sports project, etc.

Augmented Experience and Memory

We are developing systems recording, reproducing, and transferring subjective experience as information spreading physically and spatially, and designing artifacts to contribute to our experience and memory over a long period. The former will be used for transferring skills of craftsmen, and the latter will be applied for remembering and memorializing the deceased.

MetaLimbs: Multiple Arms Interaction Metamorphism
MetaLimbs: a Jizai Technology for Acquiring a Body Schema
GBER: Matching Platform for Enhancing Social Participation of the Elderly
Fenestra: a Design Case Study of Domestic Memorialization and Remembrance


  • Masahiko INAMI
  • Specialized field:Augmented human, Virtual reality, Entertainment computing
  • Atsushi HIYAMA
  • Specialized field:Mixed reality, Human-computer interaction, Gerontechnology
Project Lecturer Daisuke URIU
<As of May 2020>


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