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With the establishment of Co-creation living lab, we are collaborating closely and flexibly with local governments and communities in diverse fields from regional industrial vitalization projects utilizing research seeds, disaster recovery efforts, community rebuilding, and research exchange and personnel development activities that leverage knowledge, experience, and abilities to verification testing of new work styles.


Ishikawa Prefecture

  • Ishikawa
  • RCAST and Ishikawa Prefecture have been collaborating since 2006, primarily through human exchange. In 2012, RCAST established a partnership agreement with the Ishikawa prefectural government and the Ishikawa Sunrise Industries Creation Organization (ISICO). In 2013, an industry-academia collaboration support system was launched, providing research funding support through joint funding and industry-academia collaboration matching support.

Kumamoto Prefecture

  • Kumamoto
  • In 2016, immediately following the Kumamoto earthquake, RCAST and Kumamoto Prefecture established a cooperative relationship, and in April 2017, a comprehensive tie-up agreement was concluded between Kumamoto University, the Kumamoto prefectural government, and RCAST. In order to provide support for the recovery from the Kumamoto earthquake, in which many people lost their lives, the tie-up has implemented creative recovery activities that leverage RCAST's strength of fusing the arts and sciences, such as earthquake research including the earthquake archive project, building employment support systems for the elderly and people with disabilities, disaster area support which uses VR, and support for disaster victims from the perspective of barrier free support.

Kawasaki City / Kobe City

  • IDEA project
  • Kawasaki City (in April 2016) and Kobe City (in April 2017) were the first municipalities to begin efforts to create employment with ultra-short working hours of less than 20 hours per week for persons with disabilities (to whom the statutory employment rate does not apply). These efforts were carried out in conjunction with the IDEA Project, led by RCAST's assistive technology field. They have already been initiated by 23 companies and organizations in Kawasaki City and 10 companies and organizations in Kobe City.

Karuizawa Town

  • Karuizawa
  • Karuizawa Town, the Shinshu University Research Center for Social Systems, and RCAST concluded a partnership agreement in June 2017. The goal of this agreement is to build active and highly individual communities by improving the regional brands of areas with exceptional features through the use of each other's intellectual, human, and physical resources and leveraging the strengths each in research exchange, industry-academia-government collaboration, and human development.

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