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Networked Biophotonics and Microfluidics
Ota Laboratory

Explore life science beyond human limit by networking optics, microfluidics, genomics & information technologies

Machines that think

We ultimately aim at creating a machine that thinks by itself to discover something crazy with biology, physics and medicine outlooks. To this goal, we invent new physical tools to probe biological structures and develop ways of networking biological measurements using the world’s best technologies. Our applications of interest span basic science and healthcare-industrial domains.

Bridge biological measurements

With expertise in optics, microfluidics, electronics, chemistry, genomics, and engineering, we develop integrative systems that network the biological measurements, leading to interrogation of complex life systems by exploiting the power of data science including machine learning.

Bridge biological and physical sciences

Biological systems are often too complex to describe with physics languages. For example, it has been a challenge to study the effect of non-molecular causes to biological outcomes. By transforming the engineering of quantitative biology, we are finding approaches to this problem and trying to explore the potential of such studies in healthcare.

Develop biophotonics, micro/nanofluidics, and information technologies

Toward the grand challenges mentioned above and independently, we actively work on development of novel optical imaging, functional micro/nanofluidics, and information techniques, and their integrated modalities.

Along such scientific exploration, new technologies continually emerge and may spin out to create industrial activities with further excitement.

Machine Learning-driven imaging cell sorter
Machine Learning-driven imaging cell sorter
Single objective light sheet μ-scopy by APOM
Single objective light sheet μ-scopy by APOM
Microfluidic liposome formation method
Microfluidic liposome formation method


  • Sadao OTA
  • Specialized field:Optical Imaging, Microfluidics, Bioengineering, Information Technology, Technology Networking
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