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Researcher's Profile

Project Associate Professor
Satoshi OHARA

Renewable Fuel Global Network


Tel: 03-5452-5728

FAX: 03-5452-5721

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1997.03 Bachelor, Chemistry & Biotechnology, Sc. Engineering, The University of Tokyo(UTokyo)
1999.03 Master, Chemical System Engineering, Sc. Engineering, UTokyo
1999.04 Researcher, ASAHI BREWERIES, LTD.
2012.04 Manager, Dept. of Development of Bioethanol Tech., Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
2013.03 Ph.D., Chemical System Engineering, UTokyo
2016.04 Manager, Dept. of Business Planning, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
2019.04 Project Leader, Asahi Quality & Innovations, Ltd.
2019.07 Project Associate Professor, RCAST, UTokyo

2005.11 The Japan Institute of Energy, "Incentive Award"
2007.04 16th The Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award, "The Environment Minister's Award"
2013.04 22th The Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award, "The Grand Prize"
2016.12 29th International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, "Maurice Paturau Award"
2019.05 "Outstanding Paper Award 2018", Chemical Engineering, Japan
2019.06 "Technical Award of the Society for Biotechnology, Japan"

Research Interests

In this department, we are mainly engaged in system design and evaluation for the social implementation of renewable hydrogen production system combining photovoltaic power generation. Among them, I am studying on the following subjects;
(1) Conceptual design of a large-scale renewable hydrogen production plant
(2) System design based on life cycle thinking
(3) Techno-economic analysis (TEA)
(4) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
(5) System integration with biofuel, biomass power generation, etc.
(6) System design suitable for the installation area from the viewpoint of land use such as agriculture and food production etc.
(7) Construction of social system image (scenario) on renewable fuel and extraction of issue on system and policy


Renewable Energy, System Design, Land Use, Lifecycle Assessment, Techno-economic Analysis

Edudational Systems

  • Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate school of Engineering

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