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  • Hiroshi SEGAWA
  • Energy and Environment

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March 1989 Ph. D. Kyoto University
April 1989 Research Associate, Kyoto University
April 1994 Researcher, JST, PRESTO(1997 expiration)
April 1995 Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo(UTokyo)
April 1997 Charge of Graduate School of Engineering, UTokyo
April 2006 Professor, RCAST, UTokyo
April 2010 Director of Academic Industrial Joint Laboratory for Renewable Energy, RCAST, UTokyo
April 2016 Professor,Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, UTokyo

Research Interests

In Japan, it is greatly to be hoped that photovoltaic power generation systems will come into wide use as soon as possible. To achieve the aim, a drastic reduction in the power generation cost is absolutely essential issue. Molecular-based solar cells such as dye-sensitized solar cells and organic thin-film solar cells have received much attention as potential low-cost solar cells. Our objective is the efficiency enhancement of the molecular-based solar cells via the development of novel materials for near-infrared light absorption. We previously discovered several materials with panchromatic absorption by charge-transfer transitions, and we have successfully prepared a novel type of solar cells. Additionally, we are developing an energy-storable dye-sensitized solar cell.

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