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  • Satoru TAKAHASHI

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March 1995 Master of Engineering, Osaka University
April 1996 Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University
October 2002 Lecturer, School of Engineering, Osaka University
January 2003 Associate Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo( UTokyo )
June 2013 Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
April 2014 Professor, RCAST, UTokyo
April 2023 Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo

Research Interests

We conduct research on advanced micro/nano production technology, which can be applied to the next-generation ultra-precision manufacturing by focusing on photon energy, which is the ultimate energy believed to be the root of our life. Especially we are developing photon based cutting-edge techniques for micro/nano manufacturing science, such as laser-assisted nano-in-process measurement, laser-assisted nano-processing and structuring, and a novel concept about a future micro production system, cell-in-micro-factory, with which we can product innovative micro/nano functional devices supporting our future life. In order to realize our target, not only conventional light energy propagating in free-space but also localized light energy emerging at near-field region of bulk material is applied to our research from both a practical viewpoint as manufacturing techniques and a scientific viewpoint based on basic physics. Our research involves (a) proposal of new concept not only about elemental technology but also about a whole production system, (b) theoretical and experimental analyses unraveling its characteristics, and (c) experimental verification for practical realization.
Some of our ongoing projects are as follows:
(1) Nano-stereolithography using evanescent light energy.
(2) In-process super-resolution high-sensitive optical measurement for nano-defects in semiconductor industry.
(3) Laser direct fabrication of three-dimensional microstructures using photocatalyst nanoparticles.
(4) Study on cell-in-micro-factory based on active control of localized photon energy as a future micro production system.


Laser-assisted nano-measurement, Laser-assisted nano-processing and structuring, Cell-in-micro-factory

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