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Develop high-performance photonic devices using compound semiconductors

High-performance wavelength-conversion devices using III-V compound semiconductors

III-V compound semiconductors are widely used in high-performance devices such as high-speed transistors, LEDs, and laser diodes. We have been working on semiconductor-based wavelength-conversion devices utilizing optical nonlinearities of these materials. Superior material properties of III-V semiconductors are expected to lead to wider wavelength ranges, higher performances, and higher efficiencies, compared to conventional devices based on oxide dielectrics. We are developing high-performance wavelengthconversion devices using a novel crystal growth technique, sublattice reversal epitaxy, we have developed for fabricating nonlinear optical devices, with applications to high-speed optical signal processing and chemical analysis chips in our mind.

Metal-halide perovskite semiconductors and their application to high-performance photonic devices

Metal-halide perovskite-type materials such as CH3NH3PbI3 are of a new compound semiconductor family. Recently, it has been revealed that these materials are promising for solar-cell applications. The perovskite solar cells were discovered by Japanese researchers. However, fundamental properties of these materials are not clearly understood in terms of their remarkable performances in solar cell applications. Moreover, further improvements of device performances are still deadly needed. As a pioneer of perovskite semiconductor study, we are now studying fundamental properties of these materials. We are studying novel crystal growth and composition/conduction control techniques of metal-halide perovskite semiconductors in order to realize innovative photonic devices.

Molecular beam epitaxy apparatus
Molecular beam epitaxy apparatus
GaAs/AlGaAs wavelength conversion device
GaAs/AlGaAs wavelength conversion device
Hetero structure of perovskite semiconductor
Hetero structure of perovskite semiconductor


  • Takashi KONDO
  • Specialized field:Nonlinear optics, Semiconductor epitaxial growth, Perovskite solar cells
Project Professor Satoshi UCHIDA
Project Lecturer Yohei NUMATA
Project Lecturer Tomonori MATSUSHITA
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