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Tojisha-Kenkyu Kumagaya Laboratory

Facilitation and verification of Tojisha-Kenkyu through an interdisciplinary approach

The Tojisha-Kenkyu Laboratory was established as a place to conduct various research related to tojisha-kenkyu. The Tojisha-Kenkyu Lab. has 3 main aims.

(1)Practicing Tojisha-Kenkyu

The first aim is to be a place for the actual practice of tojishakenkyu. Tojisha-kenkyu gives individuals the opportunity of acquiring the ability to objectively observe the previous unknown patterns of their own hardships and problems, giving them relief from those troubles. It also gives them relief by being able to share the hardships and problems they had been harboring alone with others. Tojisha- Kenkyu Laboratory is conducting tojisha-kenkyu groups focusing on developmental disorders, children, addiction, athletes, and so on.

(2)Verifying Hypotheses from Tojisha-Kenkyu

The second one is the academic verification of tojisha-kenkyu. Working together with academic researchers from fields such as cognitive science and robotics, the laboratory analyzes and verifies personal experiences to ascertain whether the hypotheses individuals formed through tojisha-kenkyu are true and if they apply to most people.

(3)Researching Tojisha-Kenkyu

The third is to conduct research on tojisha-kenkyu. The Tojisha- Kenkyu Laboratory researches topics such as: the effectiveness of tojisha-kenkyu on different types of individuals; the various styles of practicing tojisha-kenkyu; the beginning and spread of tojishakenkyu; the existence of any problematic issues in tojisha-kenkyu.

Verifying Tojisha-Kenkyu in collaboration with academic researchers
Verifying Tojisha-Kenkyu in collaboration with academic researchers
Measurement of the eff ectiveness of tojisha-kenkyu
Measurement of the eff ectiveness of tojisha-kenkyu


  • Shin-ichiro KUMAGAYA
  • Specialized field:Pediatrics, Tojisha-kenkyu
Project Lecturer Satsuki AYAYA
<As of May 2020>


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