Researcher's Profile

  • Professor
  • Hidekazu MIMURA
  • Ultraprecision Manufacturing Science
  • Manufacturing Science for Advanced Optical Components


March 2002 Ph.D Graduate School of Engineering , Osaka University
April 2002 Project Lecture, Graduate School of Engineering , Osaka University
April 2003 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering , Osaka University
June 2004 Visiting Researcher, RIKEN
September 2006 PRESTO Researcher, JST
January 2011 Associate Professor, School of Engineering, The Unviersity of Tokyo(UTokyo)
October 2022 Team Leader, RIKEN SPring-8 Center
January 2023 Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
April 2023 Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, UTokyo

Research Interests

My specialties are ultra-precision machining and X-ray optics.
The machining accuracy in ultra-precision machining is at the atomic level. I am developing manufacturing processes to achieve extreme precision in both shape and surface roughness of arbitrary three-dimensional shapes. I am also developing ultra-precise shape measurement methods and ultra-precise electroforming methods. The applications are mirrors for EUV and X-rays with short wavelengths.

I am also developing an X-ray microscope that can observe cells with a high spatial resolution and an X-ray telescope that can observe the solar corona. I am developing mirrors and X-ray optical systems at SPring-8 and SACLA, which are synchrotoron radiation and an X-ray free electron laser facilities, respectively.

In addition, at the SPring-8, I use high-energy X-rays (100 keV) to observe mechanical machining and electrical discharge machining phenomena to elucidate machining science. I aim to develop new tools in collaboration with researchers and companies specializing in various machining processes.

Recently, I am also interested in the automation of the mirror manufacturing process and the development of environmental machining processes in response to the SDGs. Analysis of processing phenomena using high-energy X-rays is opening up new fields of precision machining.

  • X-ray mirror for focusing soft x-rays

    X-ray mirror for focusing soft x-rays

  • Soft X-ray microscope

    Soft X-ray microscope

  • High-speed X-ray imaging of drilling

    High-speed X-ray imaging of drilling


Ultraprecision Machining, Industrial Processing, X-ray Optics, Synchrotron radiation

Educational Systems

  • Department of Precision Engineering, School of Engineering
  • Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Engineering

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