Researcher's Profile

  • Professor
  • Toshiya WATANABE
  • MOT (Management of Technology)


March 1984 M. Engineering, Inorganic Material Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
May 1984 Basic Research Center, TOTO LTD.
April 1998 Guest Professor, RCAST, The University of Tokyo(UTokyo)
April 2001 Professor, RCAST, UTokyo
April 2006 Vice Director, Center for Collaborative Research, UTokyo
April 2007 Director, Center for Collaborative Research, UTokyo
April 2008 Professor, RCAST, UTokyo (-March 2023)
April 2010 Deputy general manager of the Divison of University Corporate Relations, UTokyo
April 2011 Head of the Office of Export Control, UTokyo
December 2012 Professor, The Policy Alternatives Research Institute, UTokyo

Research Interests

We are studying and teaching “Intellectual Property Management” for innovation strategy, profiting from various organizational management resources as well as management of uncertain technology by 1) Empirical analysis using statistical data and/or questionnaire survey, 2) Case study 3) Project study collaborating with companies, government and international organizations.

Current Topics of our research are 1) Mechanism of “Unused technology” and “Disempowerment of IPR” “Open Proprietary IP management” “Standardization and IP management” “IP transfer , IP licensing market, IP fund” ”University Industry Cooperation ” “Academic Industry social networking” “Technology leakage and Technologyacquisition by human mobility” “Design driven innovation and IP management ” “Organizational productivity of invention” “Government IP Contract ” “FDI and IP system in emerging country” “Interaction between inbound and outbound open innovation”.

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