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Intellectual Property Law Tamai Laboratory

Intellectual property law and policy

IP and International Competitiveness

Comparative legal studies have become of increased importance in recent years due to the globalization of economy and the advancement of telecommunications technology. Reflecting the needs of the society, we have been focusing our research on the following areas:

(1)Assertion of Standard Essential Patent Rights

Some limits are necessary, however it may impede innovation and standardization if it goes too far. We attempt to seek a balanced solution to this intensively discussed topic.

(2)Trade Secret Law

In the U.S., trade secret espionage cases often result in high damages or criminal liabilities, and legislative activities are intensified. Our research, aiming at protecting our national interest, led to the reform of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

(3)Application of Laws to Transnational Patent Infringement

Nowadays, transnational implementation of patents are common, particularly in the field of ICT. We are looking into ways to adequately protect IP under the principle of the territoriality of patents.

(4)Pharmaceutical/medical patents and regulations

Under a complex legal system and regulations requiring the assurance of safety and patient access, the pharmaceutical/medical industry is required to generate and distribute innovative drugs or medical devices. We strive to find the right balance between innovation and public health, and international competition and cooperation through IP policy research.

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  • Katsuya TAMAI
  • Specialized field:Intellectual property law
  • Sachiko MASUDA
  • Specialized field:Intellectual property law, Patent law, Lifescience related legislations and regulations
Project Research Associate Takashi KUBOTA
<As of May 2020>


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