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International Collaborations

USA Summary:We signed a collaborative agreement on research development in solar energy technology, providing research cooperation including exchanges of young researchers and students.
USA Summary:We promote academic exchanges in the field of inclusive design as a partner institute in the signed agreement between UTokyo and UCB.
USA Summary:We promote cross-disciplinary research activities on disability and diversity in the both fields of humanities and sciences. We will also collaborate on developing human resources, raising funds, and making policy proposals for an inclusive society, and hold international conferences mainly among Pacific Rim and Asian countries.
USA Summary:RCAST Open Laboratory for Emergence Strategies (ROLES) of the University of Tokyo and Pacific Forum International will collaborate, cooperate, and exchange on various projects relating to security in the Indo-Pacific region and Japan-US alliance.
GBR Summary: RCAST sends researchers and students to Clare Hall annually through Visiting Fellowship and Visiting Students program, and  holds joint symposium. These activities deepen exchanges between the two universities.
GBR Summary:Exchange of researchers and students, and collaborative research in the field of energy as a partner institute signed in the agreement between the two universities.
ISR Summary:Areas of cooperation in this program include, not exclusively, academic exchanges, joint programs and cooperation in teaching and research. Mutual reciprocal visits by faculty and students for research, lecture and symposia, joint projects of training sessions, briefings and round-tables and academic conferences are to be held within the framework of this agreement. 
ISR Summary:The University of Tokyo and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem signed a comprehensive agreement on academic exchanges on May 12, 2019. RCAST initiated and has been in charge of this agreement.
In the general comprehensive memorandum of understanding entitled “Agreement on Academic Exchange Between the University of Tokyo and Hebrew University of Jerusalem,” the two universities have agreed to implement exchanges and other activities through the (1) Exchange of faculty and administrative staff and researchers, (2) Exchange of students, (3) Conducting collaborative researches, (4) Holding joint lectures and symposia, and (5) Exchange of academic information and materials. RCAST will play a leading role in advancement of cooperation between the University of Tokyo and Hebrew University of Jerusalem based on this agreement.
ITA Summary:In the field of Mathematical Physics of Emergent Systems, RCAST has been conducting research exchanges on "Crowd management" and "Mobility for the elderly" with Professor Bandini and her laboratory at The University of Milano-Bicocca, who is also a RCAST fellow. We will continue our research exchange and hold international seminars.
ITA Summary:Centering around research activities in art and design and renewable energy, and solar hydrogen energy, research collaborations will be developed in order to cover all items of SDGs, and collaborations with local research institutes will be organized.
IND Summary:To promote research partnership in areas like Renewable Energy, Electronics including Robotics/IoT, Advanced Materials etc through the following modes of cooperation. 1. Exchange of researchers/faculty members 2. Joint research partnership 3. Exchange of research information in fields of interest to both institutions; 4. Joint workshop in areas of mutual interest.
AUS Summary:We promote collaborative activities such as international symposiums, researcher exchanges, and joint research, in the framework of "research and development of ultra high efficiency solar cells" as a partner institute signed in the agreement between the two universities.
AUS Summary:With Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) of the University of Adelaide, which is the research center for photonics and laser devices,
To promote international joint research for globally academic research results.
AUS Summary:To encourage and develop cooperation and exchange in all areas of mutual academic interest, such as hydrogen generation from PV through the following actitivies; a)Development of joint venture projects between RCAST and QUT.  b)Organisation of joint academic and scientific activities, such as courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures. c)Staff exchange for professional development .d)Exchange of materials and publications of common interest
AUS Summary:RCAST will focus on activities with UQ's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) while aiming to further expand academic exchanges with several research institutions at the university. AIBN is a cross-disciplinary research institute that is committed to interdisciplinary fusion and social co-creation. Through this agreement, we will engage in a mutual exchange of researchers and students in the fields of biomedical chemistry, renewable energy, hydrogen and biofuels.
CAN Summary:RCAST will develop collaborative research studies of semiconductor and highly efficient solar battery with The Center for Research in Photonics of The University of Ottawa, which is specialized in researches on optical devices using compound semiconductors. 
SWE Summary:We have been conducting joint research activities for Drug Design using supercomputers. We exchange researchers and we will expand the activities to exchange students, too.
SWE Summary:Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo and Institute for Security and Development Policy has concluded a MOU on academic exchange particularly Indo-Pacific affairs.
KOR Summary:Under the international exchange agreement, we hold symposiums or workshops and exchange research information and researchers. Development of interdisciplinary approach, which is one of the characteristics of both RCAST and AICT, are expected.
CHN Summary: Academic exchange and collaborative research
DEU Summary:Under the concluded agreement with Institute for Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and National Sciences, Kassel University, we are conducting collaborative researches on the field of neuroscience. The research fields and the exchange departments are planning to be expanded.
FIN Summary:We promote researcher exchange, joint projects, international industry-university collaboration, joint workshops, and symposiums in a wide range of research cooperation related to ICT (including information and communication (6G), architecture, robotics, information science, physics, chemistry, biology) as a partner institute signed in the agreement between the two universities.
FRA Summary:We set up "LIA NextPV," a base for collaborative research in the field of new energy centered on the next-generation solar power technology, promoting researcher exchanges.
FRA Summary:Development of bilateral exchange of internship students, research areas and research activities
FRA Summary:Development of bilateral exchange of internship students, research areas and research activities
RUS Summary:RCAST of the University of Tokyo and MGIMO University (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) have signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in the field of humanities and social sciences, particularly on global security and religious studies.
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