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International Collaboration

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International Collaborations

Countries and Regions Partner Universities / Institutes Summary
United Kingdom Link of Outside Clare Hall, University of Cambridge We send faculty members and students to participate in the Visiting Fellowship Program at Clare Hall of University of Cambridge, where their research activities are based during their stay.  
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France Link of Outside Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) We set up "LIA NextPV," a base for collaborative research in the field of new energy centered on the next-generation solar power technology, promoting researcher exchanges.
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Sweden Link of Outside Stockholm University We have been conducting joint research activities for Drug Design using supercomputers. We exchange researchers and we will expand the activities to exchange students, too.
Germany Link of Outside Universität of Kassel Under the concluded agreement with Institute for Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and National Sciences, Kassel University, we are conducting collaborative researches on the field of neuroscience. The research fields and the exchange departments are planning to be expanded.
United States Link of Outside Arizona Initiative for Renewable Energy, Arizona State University We signed a collaborative agreement on research development in solar energy technology, providing research cooperation including exchanges of young researchers and students.
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United States Link of Outside Washington University in St.Louis We aim to exchange researchers and students with various sections and institutes based on the interdisciplinary research network built in RCAST, an institute involved in the agreement between the two universities.
United States Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion (CRSP) We promote researcher exchanges and joint research in the field of high-efficiency solar power technology, concentrated solar power systems, and energy storage.
Australia Link of Outside The University of New South Wales We promote collaborative activities such as international symposiums, researcher exchanges, and joint research, in the framework of "research and development of ultra high efficiency solar cells" as a partner institute signed in the agreement between the two universities.
Republic of Korea Link of Outside Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology (AICT), Seoul National University Under the international exchange agreement, we hold symposiums or workshops and exchange research information and researchers. Development of interdisciplinary approach, which is one of the characteristics of both RCAST and AICT, are expected.

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