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Research Structure and Fields

Since its founding, RCAST has pursued interdisciplinary research activities in a wide range of research areas based on four principles (mottos): an interdisciplinary approach, mobility, an international perspective, and openness.

One laboratory per field

RCAST abolished the conventional divisional system in 2004 and now has a horizontal research structure, where each laboratory is a unit for research activities and each lab has equal status. The maneuverable use of labs, which are small units, enables RCAST to maintain a high degree of mobility among its affiliated researchers, to quickly and flexibly adapt its research structure and systems, and to respond to occasional changes in social conditions.

When recruiting a new researcher, RCAST forms a "Domain Reviewing Committee" composed of RCAST researchers. When selecting new researchers, the committee will look at candidates from various angles, such as current social conditions, future prospects, and the likelihood that current RCAST researchers will be able to create new research domains through interdisciplinary collaboration with the candidate.

Currently at RCAST, eponymous labs for a wide variety of specialized fields are developing dynamic research activities in the areas of Information, Chemical Biomedeicine, Environment and Energy, Materials, Barrier-Free, and Social Science.

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