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Researcher's Profile(Research category)

Material : Micro Device Engineering

Material : Quantum Information Physics and Engineering

Material : Theoretical Chemistry

Material : High Performance Materials

Material : High Performance Materials

Information : Artificial Intelligence

Information : Information Devices

Information : Information Devices

Information : Intelligent Cooperative Systems

Information : Mathematical Physics of Emergent Systems

Information : Photon based Advanced Manufacturing Science

Information : Photon based Advanced Manufacturing Science

Information : Information Somatics

Information : Communication Science

Information : Biological Data Science

Information : Networked Biophotonics and Microfluidics

Information : Machine Intelligence

Chemical Biomedicine : Bioorganic Chemistry

Chemical Biomedicine : Genome Science

Chemical Biomedicine : Metabolic Medicine

Chemical Biomedicine : Chemical Biotechnology

Chemical Biomedicine : Synthetic Biology

Chemical Biomedicine : Integrative Nutriomics and Oncology

Barrier Free : Barrier-Free

Barrier Free : Assistive Technology

Barrier Free : Tojisha-Kenkyu

Barrier Free : Inclusive Design Laboratory

Social Science : Intellectual Property Law

Social Science : MOT (Management of Technology)

Social Science : Political Administrative System

Social Science : Religion and Global Security

Social Science : Policy Research on Science and Technology

Environment and Energy : Energy and Environment

Environment and Energy : New Energy

Environment and Energy : Climate Science Research

Environment and Energy : Co-Creative Community Planning, Design, and Management

Environment and Energy : Energy System

Environment and Energy : Global Climate Dynamics

Environment and Energy : Academic-Industrial Joint Laboratory for Renewable Energy

Social Cooperation Research Departments : Renewable Fuel Global Network

Social Cooperation Research Departments : Department of Inflammology

Social Cooperation Research Departments : Revitalization of Suburbs

Corporate Sponsored Research Programs : Clinical Epigenetics

Corporate Sponsored Research Programs : Progressive Logistic Science


Fellow / Adviser : RCAST Fellow

Fellow / Adviser : RCAST Adviser

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